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ITS BENDA s.r.o.  
Křižíkova 1377
738 01 Frýdek-Místek
Czech republic
Phone: (+420) 723 505 368,
(+420) 724 127 497,
(+420) 602 553 464
E-mail: info@itsbenda.cz

ITS BENDA s.r.o. it provides engineering services in the areas of:

Equipment steel works, rolling mills, equipment for the steel center plate and processors, equipment for material handling.
  • Lines and equipment for rewinding, longitudinal and transverse cutting sheet metal, packing lines boards sheets and coils.
  • Lines and equipment for surface treatment of metal sheets and wires (degreasing, pickling, galvanizing, oiling)
  • Single-purpose machines and lines for the production of steel profiles.
  • Industrial manipulators for piece goods (drive electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic)
  • Transport and handling, and systems for use in difficult working conditions.


Single-purpose machines to customer requirements
  • Purpose machines with high automation production lines. (automotive industry, electronics, light engineering)
  • Single automated production and assembly lines.


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