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ITS BENDA s.r.o.  
Křižíkova 1377
738 01 Frýdek-Místek
Czech republic
Phone: (+420) 723 505 368,
(+420) 724 127 497,
(+420) 602 553 464
E-mail: info@itsbenda.cz

About ITS BENDA s.r.o. :

    The company was founded in 1992. The core business is the provision of engineering services in metallurgy and mechanical engineering, especially in designing production facilities, development of design and technical documentation. Another important area of ​​activity is the production facility, providing comprehensive supply of equipment, the reconstruction of existing facilities, processing studies and proposals.

    Customer services are provided professionally knowledgeable and experienced personnel, whose practical skills are acquired primarily long experience in this field. The Company is authorized to designing technological equipment of buildings, through workers eligible for this activity on the basis of a certificate of authorization in that field.

    During everyday activities is the use of progressive practices, particularly in the area of ​​project management and monitoring production quality. No less important part of the implementation of business cases solved is the emphasis on the method of installation by the customer and providing additional superior service and technical advisory services. When securing special, highly specialized parts supply is used with the company whose expertise and level of quality is proven by many years of business relations.

Ing. Vladimír Benda


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